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Are Climate-Controlled Storage Units Worth It?

by Madison Holland

When searching for storage, you'll either pick a conventional or climate-controlled storage unit. But why would you choose the climate-controlled unit when it's more expensive? Well, various reasons make these storage units worth it. Explore what makes these storage units special and worth the cost.

It's Ideal for Wooden Furniture

Choosing a climate-controlled storage unit is much better if you plan to store some furniture. Remember that wood is quite sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. As such, you can't just store wooden furniture in a conventional storage unit and expect it to hold on pretty well. 

Luckily, climate-controlled units don't have humidity problems. Besides, they allow you to control the temperatures. With that said, your wooden furniture won't warp, crack or develop other issues if you store them in a unit with climate control features.

You Can Store Documents

Assuming you have plenty of documents that need to be stored safely, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. Crucial documents must be protected from humidity and dust. So, if you are dealing with clients' paperwork, you should invest in climate-controlled storage. At least the documents will remain clean and intact. You won't even have to fret about rodents eating the documents.

It's a Great Place to Store Musical Instruments

Most musical instruments are pretty delicate. And for that reason, you must store them in a safe place. These instruments must be protected from high and low temperatures. For instance, if you own string instruments, you wouldn't want the strings to expand or contract. The frequent expansion and contraction might ruin the instruments. Some of the instruments that need special storage are:

  • Drums
  • Xylophones
  • Pianos
  • Guitar
  • Brass instruments
  • Woodwind instruments

You Can Store Electronics

People assume that electronics are hardy enough to be stored in conventional storage units. Unfortunately, most electronics might sustain some damage due to temperature changes and humidity. So, if you wish to keep your TV, computers, and other electronics for a long time, you should rent a unit with climate control features. If you can maintain the ideal temperature and humidity in the storage unit, all your electronics will be in perfect condition.

Excellent Air Quality

Paying some extra bucks for a climate-controlled unit is worth it, considering how good the air quality is. You won't have to fret about your belongings smelling moldy or musty when you leave them in the unit. The air circulation is pretty good, and you'll never have to air out the unit every week or month.

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