Enjoying More Storage Space

4 Guidelines To Help You Store Different Types Of Items In A Self-Storage Facility

by Madison Holland

It is always challenging to discover that you no longer have enough space to store your items in your home or business premises. When this happens, you remain with the option to expand the current one or rent additional space. Renting space on your business premises might be too expensive. Similarly, adding to your residential home might not be within your budget. Fortunately, you can handle this storage problem by investing in a reliable self-storage facility. Here are four guidelines to help you store different items in a rented facility.

Storage of Books and Documents

Books and documents are very delicate because they are susceptible to moisture damage. They also get damaged when exposed to dust and grime from the environment. First, you should consider a climate-controlled storage facility for books and important personal documents. Additionally, you should pack them well before storing them. Consider putting them in weatherproof cardboard boxes or containers before storage. Also, you can place the boxes on pallets or skids. Raising them off the ground is an excellent way to protect them further from water damage. 

Bedding and Mattresses

It is advisable to think of the ideal way to store your bedding and mattresses in self-storage units. First, ensure that you have washed the bedding that does not contain vermin. Secondly, avoid wrapping it in plastic because this could lead to moisture damage and mold. Instead, wrap it in cotton sheets or blankets. Place the mattress in an elevated position inside the storage facility as it is the perfect way to allow air circulation. 

Dishes and Glassware

Kitchen items are among the most challenging things to place in a self-storage unit. Most come from delicate and easily damaged materials like ceramic and glass. Before putting them in the storage facility, you should wrap them in newspapers or paper towels. It is the ideal way to protect them from scratches and other damages. 

Valuable Items

It is advisable to avoid storing valuable items like expensive jewelry in a storage facility before discussing it with management. Most of the facilities have a policy about valuable items and guns. Consult with them about the safety of your valuables inside the unit before deciding.

These are crucial considerations when organizing your valuables for a self-storage facility. Speak to the management about your items and visit the facility before taking your valuables. It will help you get the perfect storage for your needs.