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Why A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Is The Ideal Choice For Storing Furniture For The Long Term

by Madison Holland

If you need to keep your household furniture in storage, you may wonder if you should rent a climate-controlled unit. It may depend on the season and how long your things will be in storage. If it's spring or autumn when the temperatures aren't extreme and your things will be in storage for the short term, your furniture might survive without climate control. However, if your things will be in storage for the long term or during the summer or winter, then climate control is the best choice. Here's why.

Climate Control Protects Metal And Wood

Your furniture is made of a variety of materials, and metal and wood are popular choices for frames and tables. Temperature extremes and high humidity are bad for many types of furniture. Metal furniture could rust and wood could warp or split if the pieces are not stored in climate control.

Humidity Control Helps Prevent Mildew

A climate-controlled storage unit keeps both temperature and humidity in a safe range for household goods and furniture. Controlling humidity is important or mildew might grow on your upholstered furniture. It's important to make sure everything is dry before you lock it in your storage unit, but it also is important to keep humidity at an acceptable level so fabrics don't draw dampness and begin to mildew and develop musty odors.

Climate Control May Also Help Control Pests

Just like pests can invade any home whether the home is clean or cluttered, pests can invade storage units. A side benefit of climate control is that the buildings are usually insulated well and sealed so they can be cooled and heated efficiently. This helps keep bugs and rodents out of the storage unit. It may also keep down on dust, although it's good to cover your furniture with sheets to protect them from dust while in storage.

Climate Control Gives You Peace Of Mind

You may worry about your furniture while it's in storage and out of sight, but as long as you know your things are in a climate-controlled unit, you'll have less to worry about. With climate control, there is a lower risk of mildew, musty odors, rust, and warping affecting your furniture. If your furniture will be in storage for months, it's worth the extra cost to get a climate-controlled storage unit so you have peace of mind your things are safe when it's bitterly cold or sweltering and humid outside.

Climate control is ideal for furniture and other household goods such as mattresses, clothing, bedding, electronic equipment, and wine. While the temperature range may be wider than what you would have in your home, your belongings are protected from freezing and excess heat so they come out of storage in the same shape they went in.

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