Enjoying More Storage Space

Downsizing Storage Space To Make Room In Other Areas? Rent A Storage Unit To Help

by Madison Holland

Living in a home with ample storage space may give you plenty of room to store your belongings. However, after living in your house for a while, you may find that while your storage needs may be satisfied, you may not have enough space in other areas for your family to be comfortable.

If you want to continue living in the same home, you have several options in expanding the home or taking away some storage space to add to other areas. When you plan on taking away storage, you should make up for the missing storage by renting a storage unit from a nearby facility.


Normally, you may have a decent amount of storage in the bathrooms where you keep seasonal decorations and towels that you only take out of the cabinets during certain months. But, you may be slimming down some of your bathroom storage to make room in the nearby areas.

A storage unit should not have any medicine or products related to body, hair, or cleaning due to potential restrictions and bad reactions to high humidity and extreme temperatures. So, you should stick to non-sensitive items such as seasonal ones that you can take out once per year.


If you have several large closets in your home and you know that you can benefit from downsizing them and creating larger bedrooms, you should not hesitate to put some clothes into storage. The great thing is that it should not be too hard to put all your clothing into categories such as what you will only wear during spring, summer, autumn, or winter. While you will have some staples that you use all year long, you can put some or all the least used clothing pieces away.


An unfinished attic may provide you with ample storage space, but you may have a large enough attic that can be finished to gain an extra room that you can turn into an office or bedroom. Since your attic will not have the same insulation and temperature control as the rest of your home, you may only store non-sensitive items inside. This is perfect for when you want to rent a non-climate-controlled storage unit because you can put everything from the attic into the unit.

When you consider these important details related to storing items, you should feel confident about working on your home and renting a household storage unit that will meet all your needs.