Enjoying More Storage Space

Here's 4 Reasons Why You Need an Organized Storage Unit

by Madison Holland

Most people can agree that moving stinks. So, just shove everything into boxes, toss it in a self-storage unit, and get it over with, right? No! You are only making it worse on yourself for the next time you have to move all your stuff. If you take your time and do it right, you will make it so much easier on yourself in the future. Here are some common mistakes people make when moving.

1. Don't Know What Is in Each Box

Throwing random stuff in boxes without a plan in place often results in a headache later. Try keeping similar items together in each box so all your vases or collectible baseballs are in one spot when you unpack. Create detailed lists for the contents of each box so you don't have to spend time wondering what you meant when you wrote "closet" on a box six months prior.  

2. Can't Read the Label on the Box

What happens quite often is that we write labels on boxes and then immediately stack boxes up, covering the important labels. You can't read the labels when this happens, so you need to think this one through. Securely tape your detailed list of each box's contents to the side of the box and then place that side facing out as you stack it. This will allow you to easily read the list at a later date. 

3. Don't Know Where the Right Box Is 

Keep all similar boxes together in your storage unit. It makes it a whole lot easier to hunt down a gravy boat that your mom insists on borrowing for Thanksgiving if all the kitchen boxes are in one neat, organized, and labeled area as opposed to scattered throughout your rental unit. It also makes the process easier if you draw yourself a simple yet effective map of your storage unit when you first unload it. Drawing where everything is instead of trying to remember months later is a great solution. 

4. Too Crowded to Find the Box You Need

Even if you have a diagram and organized and well-labeled boxes, you won't be able to get what you need if your unit is stuffed to the gills. Rent a unit that can accommodate all your things and still has room to move around, even if you have to size up. Store your larger items, like appliances and armoires, against the back and side walls. Create a path to be able to walk around the entire unit and access all your things. 

Taking these simple steps to create a well-organized storage unit now will save you time later.