Enjoying More Storage Space

Three Unique Ways Your Business Can Use A Self-Storage Unit

by Madison Holland

As a business owner, you may find that you need extra space to perform all of your company's daily functions. A self-storage space can provide this extra room, and it can serve a wide range of uses. Here are just some of the ways you can use a self-storage space for your business.

Training Room

You may need extra space for training new hires or for training your staff in new techniques. You can use your self-storage space as an off-site training area, which gives you the room you need to meet with your staff without getting in the way of your other employees as they work. You can add conference tables and chairs to the space to accommodate your employees during longer training sessions. Be sure to select a climate controlled unit with electricity. This will ensure everyone is comfortable and provide access to power for computers, projectors, and other business equipment. Consider adding a small mini fridge to hold beverages and refreshments for everyone throughout the training sessions.

Inventory Stockroom

If your inventory assortment is expanding but your stockroom space is limited, you can use your self-storage space as an off-site stockroom. There are several ways you can set this up. You can select certain types of inventory items that are sold less frequently and store them in the storage unit, or you can determine how much inventory you need in your current stockroom at all times, and place any excess in the self-storage unit. Be sure to use an inventory tracking system to keep track of the locations of your items so you know which location all your items are stored in.

Satellite Office

Some businesses see surges in customer activity at certain times of the year, and you may find that you need to hire seasonal help to manage the extra influx of purchases. You can set up your self-storage unit as a satellite office to offer room for seasonal staff. For this, you'll need a climate controlled unit with electricity and ample lighting. You can set up cubicles in much the same way you have them set up in your current office. Be sure to discuss any proposed uses with your self-storage unit before renting, as the facility may have rules regarding operating a business out of the space. Read over your lease before signing, and make sure that any uses you plan for will be covered in the lease.