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Three Reasons You Should Keep Your Parent's Self-Storage Separate When They Move into Assisted Living

by Madison Holland

There may come a time when one or both of your parents may need full- or part-time care in order to survive. If this happens, you may elect to put them into an assisted-living facility. Assisted-living facilities will be able to provide your parents with the around-the-clock care that they need. Once your parents move, they may need to store the belongings that they can't bring with them. Here are three reasons why your parents should have a storage facility of their own instead of sharing one with family. 

Records are easier to find

When you pack up your parents home for a move, it is likely that they will have some records inside of the home. This likely includes medical records, insurance information, and other written history. If you place your parent's belongings inside of their own storage unit, these will be easier to find if you or your parent's doctors and caretakers ever need them. Be sure to get climate-controlled storage if you plan to store any medical records inside of your parents' unit. 

No issues with inheritance or estates

If your parents have a will or an estate from which multiple people may inherit items, having the items in their own space makes things easier. This way the executor of the estate can go through the items and see to it that they are divided as requested. You also have less of a chance of being accused of any impropriety if items are missing and cannot be found. This can keep familial relations in good order. Placing the items inside of their own storage space will make sure that your items are not misconstrued as a part of the estate, especially if you have any similar items. 

The items may be needed later

Depending on the health of your parents, one or both of your parents may be ambulatory and able to get around easily at a later date. They may also decide that they would like to go back home and have a nurse stay with them during certain hours. For this reason, it would be best to place your parents' items in their own self-storage unit. Their move into an independent home or back to their old house will go much more smoothly if they just have to load the unit and then take all of the items back to their home.  

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