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5 Tips For Putting Outdoor Items In Self Storage This Winter

by Madison Holland

Now that summer is over, you may be thinking about placing your lawn and patio items in self storage for the winter. Preparing these things for storage will help ensure that they are well cared for and ready to use in the spring. In addition, proper preparation will help ensure that your outdoor items won't cause damage to your self storage unit over the winter.

Remove Mud and Dirt

Bringing in items that have dirt and mud on them will make a mess in your storage unit and may also cause other items in storage get dirty. Remove all mud and dirt found on your patio furniture, garden supplies and lawn care tools. Dry everything thoroughly after washing them.

Remove Vinyl or Plastic Covers

Vinyl and plastic covers for outdoor furniture can trap in moisture. This can lead to rust, mold and mildew on your outdoor items. Vinyl and plastic tarps left on the floor or shoved against the walls of your storage unit can also lead to mold and mildew problems in the unit, which can lead to damage over time. To avoid any problems, remove vinyl and plastic covers before putting your item in storage. If you feel a cover is necessary, use a breathable canvas cover instead.

Drain the Hose

Hoses placed in storage can contain a lot of water if not properly drained. This can cause leaks in your storage unit. Water left in the hose can also ruin the hose during freeze/thaw cycles if your storage unit is not temperature controlled. To drain your hose, disconnect it from the spigot and wind it around a hose reel until all water has been completely removed from the inside of the hose. 

Check Before Storing Bikes on the Ceiling

A bicycle can take up valuable space in your storage unit if not properly stored. Some people solve this problem by storing bikes on the ceiling. If you wish to store your bicycle upside down on the ceiling of your storage unit, get permission from the company that leased you the storage unit before attaching bicycle hangers.

Check Mechanical Items for Oil Leaks Before Storing

If you're planning to store a mechanical item such as a lawn mower, check it for oil leaks before placing it into storage. To do this, place a cloth or tarp beneath the lawn mower for several days before placing it into storage. If the mower is leaking, you'll see evidence of this on the tarp. Fix any oil leaks before putting your lawn mower into storage, to avoid staining the floor.

For more information about storing your lawn furniture, garden tools and other outdoor items in storage this winter, contact a self storage facility, such as Sentry Mini-Storage Inc. A customer service representative can give you tips that will help you store your outdoor items properly.