Enjoying More Storage Space

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Storage Unit For Your Online Store

by Madison Holland

There are many benefits of using storage facilities in your area to hold items for your online store. For one, it provides you with as much storage as you need for your inventory. It can also provide a higher level of security than your own home, in some cases. And it gives you a space that can be completely dedicated to your business. When you're choosing a storage unit for your online store, here are some questions to keep in mind so that you choose the right unit.  

What Kinds of Security Are Available? 

The first thing to look at is the security measures that your storage facility takes. For instance, are all of the units under video surveillance? It's not enough to simply check this on their website; you may want to visit in person to ensure a camera is pointed directly at your unit and that someone is monitoring the area at all times. Another type of security is gated entrance; this is common if your storage unit is outdoors. It adds an additional level of security besides your unit's door locks.  

What Sizing Options Are There? 

Another thing to look at is the sizes available for storage units. Even if you're starting out small, you may want to at least know that you have the option to upgrade to a larger space if your business continues to grow.  

Is the Unit Climate Controlled? 

Climate control is a great idea, no matter what kinds of items you're selling. It's one thing to store your own belongings in a non climate-controlled unit, but if your products begin to degrade because of unstable temperatures, it may affect your ratings and your customers' satisfaction with your products. It's worth the additional money that you may pay to ensure your items stay in mint condition.  

Is the Facility Insured? 

Sometimes, accidents do happen, but a great storage facility will go out of its way to ensure that their customers' belongings are insured so you can be compensated in case of a theft, fire, or other incident. Ask what kinds of insurance policies are available to renters at your storage facility.  

Who Can I Talk to in Case of a Problem? 

Finally, you may be able to put your mind at ease that you've chosen the right facility if you get to speak with a manager who truly cares about their customers. A great manager will be hands-on about dealing with issues that crop up during your rental. If you feel safe in the hands of your facility's manager, it will help the whole process go more smoothly.

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