Enjoying More Storage Space

Four Things That Need A Little Extra Protection In Your Storage Unit

by Madison Holland

Storage units can be incredibly helpful when you're moving and need somewhere to keep your stuff for a few months. As long as you choose a well-maintained facility and are relatively careful not to squish things as you pack, most items should emerge in good shape. But there are a few things that may need a little extra protection while in storage.


Refrigerators have a nasty habit of developing yucky odors while in storage. Taking more time to prepare it can thankfully prevent this issue. Clean your fridge out thoroughly a few days before putting it in storage. Remove the drawers and shelves so you can clean them thoroughly. Use baking soda to scrub away any gunk or gross residue, and leave it open to dry out for at least a day. Then, leave an open box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb any remaining odors as it sits in storage.


Photos are more sensitive to fluctuations in humidity than most items. They can easily get sticky, causing the ink to rub off or the paper to bend. Wrap each of your photos individually in tissue paper before packing them in a plastic tote. The tissue paper will keep them from sticking to one another and will help repel moisture. The plastic tote will also help isolate the photos from any humidity in the air. Don't use cardboard – it will absorb moisture from the air and then expose the photos to it for as long as it takes to dry again.

Wooden Furniture

The main concern with wooden furniture is if the legs will get at all moist (from water on the floor or moisture in the concrete floor). The moisture will travel up the legs, causing the finish to peel and the wood to rot. You can protect your furniture by setting it on a plastic pallet – or a wooden pallet covered with a tarp – inside the storage unit. Also, toss a sheet over each piece of wooden furniture to keep the dust off.

Anything Wool

Wool attracts moths. It won't take long in a storage unit before a wool blanket or sweater has little holes in it from moths. There are a few ways to protect against this. You can pack sachets of cedar wood in with wool items. The natural cedar oils will repel the moths. You can also put some moth balls in with the items. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like http://www.storageinphila.com.