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Four Reasons To Keep A Mobile Storage Trailer On Your Home's Building Site

by Madison Holland

While building a home, it is tempting to go to the home site regularly during the construction. A mobile storage trailer on your home building site can be the best idea yet if you wish to constantly visit your new home site. Here are four reasons to move a mobile trailer to your home's construction site. 

Move items in as the rooms are complete

Depending on the size of your home, some portions of the house may be completed well before others are completely dry-walled and painted. You can keep furniture, rugs, light fixtures, and other home accessories inside of the mobile trailer. As rooms are completed, you can begin to install the personal lighting, place the rugs, and furnish the rooms. This takes away from the need to move everything in at once at the end of construction.

Hang cameras from the outside

One of the issues with a construction site for a new home is dealing with possible theft. If any sort of materials are left out in the open or if the site is easy to get on, you may be dealing with theft or people walking onto the property to take a look. If you have a mobile storage trailer on your building site, you can easily mount some security cameras and alarms from the trailer. This will allow you to keep an eye on the site at all times.

 Store plans and permits inside

There may be inspections throughout the course of your home building. If anyone from the city comes to inspect, you may need to present your permits for the building . Having your approved plans and your permits on hand within your mobile trailer will allow for easy access. The mobile trailer also makes it easy in the event that your general contractor is not on site and you want to go over the plans with your plumber or electrician. Keeping plans on hand will make the construction easier and cut out any possible plan losses that could hold up the completion to your home. 

Move out of your old place on time

If you are renting a place and need to be out before your home may be finished, storing your items in one or more mobile trailers on your new property will provide you with cheap storage. This can save you from having to rent a storage unit across town and keep you from having to pay for another month on the lease. You can stay in a hotel or with friends and family as the final touches are being put on your home. Your items can remain safe and sound on your property.

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