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Silk Flowers For Your Home – Storing Them Properly To Protect Them From Damage

by Madison Holland

Using silk flowers to decorate your home adds color without going through all of the expense of buying fresh flowers over and over again throughout the year. Having a variety of seasonal silk flowers will allow you to change things up with each changing season quickly and easily. But, what do you do with the silk flowers that aren't being used? How do you keep them looking nice for several years and limit the amount of work that goes into getting them prepared to display? Here, you will find a few storage tips that will help.

Prepare the Flowers

Before you even think about boxing up the silk flowers, it is essential that you get them clean. If they are lightly dusty, you can simply take them outside and use a can of compressed air to blow the dust off of them. Taking them outside will make it easier for you because the wind will carry the dust away instead of it landing back on the flowers after you sprayed them.

If the flowers are more than slightly dusty, a Swiffer duster is the tool for you to use. You can quickly get through each arrangement and trap the dust inside the Swiffer while making sure to get between each petal and leaf.

Very dirty flowers will need to be hand-cleaned. You can use a paintbrush dipped in water to brush away the stuck-on dirt. You can try sticking the silk flowers in a paper bag with a half-cup of table salt, closing the bag and shaking it. The salt is supposed to clean the stuck-on grime off of the flowers and leaves without any damage. This may be faster than using a paint brush to brush each leaf pedal, but keep in mind it may be more work to get all of the salt off of them.

Box the Flowers

After the flowers are clean and dry, it is time to box them up. One helpful tips is to make a trip to your local wine store and inquire about receiving empty wine and bottle cases. These have nice large compartments already built into them and will make it easy to store your flowers without them getting crushed against each other.

Very large arrangements should be covered with a few sheets of tissue paper. They can be stored without being boxed as long as they are covered well and placed somewhere that they won't get knocked over.

Store the Flowers

If you don't have a cool, dry place in your home to store the multitude of silk flowers, it is time to look into a storage unit rental. Surely you can find other things around your home that don't really have a place to be stored safely and out of the way that you could take advantage of the storage unit for.

If you live in a hot, humid climate, look for a storage unit that offers a climate-controlled feature. This will help protect the flowers during the hottest, most miserable summer weather with little risk of damage.

Your silk flowers can be used for many, many years if you take care of them now. These tips will help you do just that. For more information on storing your items, contact a company like North Star Mini Storage.